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First Aid to Children

First Aid in case of emergencies during infancy (Babies and Children)

We are pleased to offer a First Aid Course to Babies and Children also this year. The Course, which is offered by the DRK, treats themes like typical emergencies during infancy (Babies and Children). Important aid measures regarding children emergencies can be trained. The participation of the course could be important for parents, grandparents and other people who have contact with children. “First Aid is a precious possibility to save the physical health of our children” (Source: DRK).

The course is on
 Saturday, 28 October 2017 from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm
in the CZM, Leibnizstr. 9, Room 1.02.

Some cookies and drinks will be offered during the course.

Since the space for the course is limited to 15 people, we would be glad if you could apply in written form and pay the fee until the 30 September 2017 in the Family Service Agency of TU Clausthal. The places will award after entrance of the registration. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation E-Mail with the details of payment. Please let us know if you require child care during the course.

The price for TU Clausthal employees and TU Clausthal students is 10.00 euros. For any other person it is 40.00 euros.

Further information can be taken from the Homepage of the DRK

From: 26.07.2017 08:00


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