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Maternity Protection

"Maternity protection means more responsibly protection for pregnant women, mothers and children." Dr. Kristina Schröder, former Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Maternity Protection Act applies to all expectant mothers who are in an employment relationship (civil servants excluded) and is intended to protect both the mother and the child from risks as well as from financial losses caused by pregnancy. As a student, you are not formally subject to the Maternity Protection Act (but as a student assistant you are entitled!). The TU Clausthal is, however, eager to protect expectant mothers and children especially in the handling of hazardous substances. The guidelines for working in the laboratory as an expectant or nursing mother can be found here: Data Sheet

Please note that your supervisor may provide for your protection only if you inform him or her of your pregnancy.

In the Maternity Protection Act, protection periods for pregnant women and mothers after childbirth are provided. The terms of protection of the Maternity Protection Act starts 6 weeks before the expected date of labor and normally 8 weeks after the actual due date (in case of multiple births or premature births, 12 weeks after childbirth). As students of the TU Clausthal, you can take leave for this (or longer) periods.

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