Semester Contribution

In accordance with § 11 Paragraph 3 of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG), students who are raising a child who has not yet completed, at the beginning of a semester, the age of 14, are exempt from semester contribution. In order to qualify for this exemption as soon as possible, please contact the Student Administration even during pregnancy and at the beginning of the semester in which the child is born.



Following the 23rd BAföG-Amendment on 23 April 2010, student parents receive a child benefit in the amount of 113 € for the first child and 85 € for the second. Information can be found on the official site for BAföG. Those who are on leave of absence due to pregnancy and child rearing are not entitled to BAföG, but they can, in principle, apply for Hartz IV.

In addition, for the employees of the Studentenwerk Braunschweig, Clausthal, Ms. Cronjaeger (Tel. 727 212) and Mr. Marczak (Tel. 727 211) are available for contact.


Parental benefit

Even those parents who do not actively work can benefit from parental benefit. Accordingly, students are also entitled to parental benefit, at least in the minimum amount of 300 Euro / month. The number of hours per week expended in reference to the study is irrelevant.

Here is a useful link for student parents.


Hartz IV

The application for benefits under the Social Security Code (SGB) II, among others, also called Hartz IV, is very time-consuming and complicated. Here is the distinction made: whether the parents are entitled to take advantage of benefits (social allowance) and whether a so-called community of need exists. Before an application, an individual consultation is urgently essential.

As a contact person, Mrs. Heidi Hohmann from the Office of the Student Union (Tel. 72 3925) is available.


Help for Initial Requirements

Initial financial support for initial requirements are provided upon individual assessment and personal interview during pregnancy at the Diaconia of the Evangelist-Lutheran Church Management of Clausthal-Zellerfeld (An der Marktkirche 4, Phone: 0 53 23/71 56 18, Tuesdays and Thurdays from 10:00 to 12:00).

The contact person is Mr. Norbert Hammermeister, E-Mail:

Financial aid for the initial requirements of a child can also be provided by pro familia in Goslar.


Child benefit

The child benefit payment begins with the month in which the child is born and is granted regardless of the parents' income. Information about the amount of child benefit, or child benefit applications, can be taken from the following link here.

More information can be found in the Data Sheet for child benefit from Familienkasse of the Employment Agency.


Children's allowance

In the children's allowance system is allocated to support children in families with insufficient income.

For more information, contact the Familienkasse.


Housing benefit

The application for housing benefit from student families should always be taken into consideration. Often the parents are not eligible, but the children, as members of the community of need, are.

More information can be found in the Data Sheet of the District of Goslar. Applications are available at the Citizens' Bureau (Bürgerbüro) of the Samtgemeinde Oberharz.

 Further information concerning Housing benefit you may find here.

District Youth Services

In general, the issue of whether childcare costs are met or not should be queried by applying to the District Youth Services (Kreisjungehilfe) in the District of Goslar. There is the possibility that the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) of the District of Goslar accepts the applicable fees for childcares, kindergarten or nursery in part or in its entirety.


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