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Mobile Children's Room (Foto: GB)
Parent-Children-Room in the University Library (Foto: GB)

In addition to counseling and childcare, the Family Friendly University TU Clausthal offers its students and employees several other services:

The mobile Childrens's Room (mobile Kinderzimmer) may, if necessary, be borrowed from the Family Service Agency and is offered to students and employees of TU Clausthal in case of seminars, at the workplace, for a colloquia or similar places with child care. It contains an emergency kit with portable playpen/portable bed, blanket, bottle warmer, changing pad and toys for various age groups up to 5 years. You can pick up the facilities in the Family Service Agency after callling the number 05323-723145.

Changing facilities for babies can be found in the generally frequented buildings such as the main building (Hauptgebäude, two toilet rooms close to the student counseling service), the University Library (Universitätsbibliothek, mobile-baby-changing station to borrow at the Information Desk) and in the Sports Institut (Sportinstitut, locker room).

The Parent-Child room (Eltern-Kind-Raum in der Bibliothek) in the University library offers to students with children the possibility to take their children to the library. Books for different age groups and toys are available. This room is preferred for use by students with children. 

The Canteen (Mensa) of the Student Union of the Eastern Lower Saxony provides a specially decorated family area with high chairs and a microwave and a changing room for babies on the ground floor. 

Furthermore we offer information brochures of the TU Clausthal as well as external information about family matters. 


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