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Family and studying

Reconciling family life and study is taken seriously at the TU Clausthal. Since 2007, the issue of family orientation has been laid down in the mission statement and was implemented in university life. Nevertheless, there is of course still a need for action. The Family Service Agency aims to improve continually the daily reconciliation of study and family at the TU Clausthal and responds to the needs of students with family responsibilities.

For the Clausthal University of Technology, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a "real" part-time study, since it is not possible to offer all the courses in the winter and in the summer semester. However, we are a small university with a dedicated and competent Study Counseling that will be happy to help with any questions about studying in Clausthal.

Online courses have been provided at the TU Clausthal for several years and the offer is constantly expanding. Naturally, this is always welcome by students with children. All lectures available online can be found on the Video Server.




Family Friendly University - what's that?

"More and more companies and universities recognize that a family-friendly personnel policy is a success factor for growth and competitiveness." (Ursula von der Leyen, Former German Family Minister)

Family and work or study under one roof is not easy and often a balancing act. Therefore, the Technical University (TU) Clausthal aims as a principle to be a family-friendly university. On 19 June 2007, the TU Clausthal was awarded in Berlin the "Family Friendly University" Elementary Certificate. In a multi-year process, which is also known as auditing, the University intends to implement measures agreed upon and thus prove its family-oriented approach.

After a successful session of Re-Auditing, in May 2010, the TU Clausthal was awarded the certificate of "Family Friendly University" for a period of further three years. On June 26, 2013, in Berlin, the TU Clausthal was awarded the certificate of "Family Friendly University" for another three years.

Since June 2013, Dr. Georg Frischmann, as the Executive Vice-President, has taken over the issue of family-friendly university in his portfolio.

Furthermore, the TU Clausthal is a member of Charta "Family in the University" an the is to live family friendliness.

The Family Service Agency is the first point of contact for students and employees with a family. Since 2012, it has been located in the Equal Opportunity Office. The Service Centre provides information and advice and, if required, forwards the request to other services.


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