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Kinder Sommer Uni and further proposals

Dear parents and dear children,

The team of Lokale Bündnis für Familien has interesting offers for the summer holidays 2018 for your children. TU Clausthal is a part of it and will offer the Kinder Sommer Uni. We still have some room for children in the first week: 09.07. bis 13.07.2018. Please contact the Family Service for further information. We look forward to passing a wonderful time with your children.

Angebote Sommerferien 2018

Angebote Sommerferien 2018_2

Parents Children Meeting on 19.04.2018

Dear Parents and dear kids,

We would like to network with you, to share information or just pass a little time together with you and your children. I am pleased to invite you to our Parent Children Meeting on 19 April 2018 at 3.30 PM in our Mensa (Leibnizstr.). All togehter, the counseling center of the Studentenwerk, the Campuszwerge and the Family Service, we would like to offer the possibilty for sharing information. 

We offer some toys, drinks and a happy time togehter. We are also pleased to answer your questions concerning working or studying with a family.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

New Maternity Protection Act for students starting on 01 January 2018


IMPORTANT! Starting from 01 January 2018 the new maternity protection act for students is valid.

All students who are pregnant or will be pregnant in 2018 have to announce their maternity to the university. Please contact Miss Balthaus (Student councelling) for further information


Please check the following Homepage for further information:,did=229122.html

Christmas baking and performing handicraft work

„In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es so manche Kleckerei“ (German Christmas Song) was the slogan of our this year Christmas baking and performing handicraft work togehter with the advice center of the Studentenwerk, the Campuszwerge of the Studentenwerk and the Service point Family of the TU Clausthal which was performed on 15 December 2017 in the building of the ASTA.

Little and tall persons baked cookies and performed handicraft work e. g. little angels and boxes for transporting the cookies at home in a nice atmosphere.

The pinnacle were the tasty cookies „Ghraybeh“ prepared by Bärbel Eggers (Campuszwerge). At the end all 20 present people had a good time eating cookies and talking togehter.

Thanks to all helping people and to all the present people. It was a nice afternoon!

Parents-Children-Gymnastics and "Zwergensport" Christmas Party

On our last Gymnastic hour on 12 December 2017 the parent-child-gym and the Zwergensport celebrated a Christmas Party with Santa Claus bringing little presents to the 18 present children.

The "big" Group from Zwergensport showed their sport abilities with Katrin Emmerling while the little ones enjoyed jumping on the trampoline. 

Everyone was happy and loved singing songs and eating cookies.

In the new year 2018 the gymnastic hours of Katrin Emmerling and Tatjana Methfessel start on 2 january.

Thanks to the TUC Press for the fotos!

Promotion for special scientific or student achievements during family phase

The promotion 2018 for special scientific or student achievements during a family phase was given to Dr. Mark Olschewski. Mr. Dr. Mark Olschewski was handed over the promotion during the graduation ceremony from Mr. Dr. Georg Frischmann (full-time vice president). Mr. Dr. Frischmann honored Mr. Dr. Olschewski for his special achievements as a family father and an employee of TU Clausthal. 

Kids Summer University 2018

Please note that there will be Childcare during the Summer Vacation in the following two weeks during the school holidays in 2018:

First week: 09.07.2018 bis 13.07.2018

Second week: 30.07.2018 bis 03.08.2018.

Please do not yet apply for the Childcare during the summer holidays, since we will send all the information and the information according to the application in a separate email.

baking cookies and to do arts and crafts with Children on 15 December 2017 on 3.00 pm

We would like to baking cookies and to do arts and crafts with you and your child / your children on 15 December 2017 at 3.00 pm. If you want to participate please register at We only have a limited number of space. If you need further information please have a look on our Flyer, on Facebook or contact me.

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